Sunday 21st of December 2014
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The Behavior of some Beaurocracy Towards National Problems
 Muzaffar Hameed June 2, 2010, 10:04:33 AM 


Article: The behavior of some beaurocracy towards solving the problems for the development of the country is so awful that it may be termed as hostile to the nation. The recent example of this unbearable and hostile behavior is Hunza Ataabad Lake. The present Government daringly announced to abandon the project of Kala Bagh Dam. The nation has spent billions of rupees out of precious foreign exchange on this project and it has been left incomplete just to waste the investment already made and to ruin the country’s economy through shortage of electricity and shortage of water for agriculture.
The Allah has not been disappointed with us and nature has itself created a dam without any penny’s investment. Ataabad lake is made up dam Allah has blessed. Now the ruling elite along-with ruling beaurocracy could not change it to a dam by constructing proper spillway and installing turbines there which can easily generate 1000 to 1500 MW of electricity along-with storage of water for the agriculture. Best professional in the construction field can be hired from the world and the authorities must play their role to bring brain drain back by giving them respect and financial benefits. Injection concrete system is available which can be used. We are planning to waste Allah’s blessed water which is already scarce in the country.
It is the need of the time that we should hire the best professional of the world to construct the dam and install turbines.
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