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How to make the society crime and corruption free
 admin June 29, 2015, 08:56:49 AM 

 Ref: SCCI/SCT/(15)/0247         Dated: 25th June, 2015

Lt. General (R) Hameed Gul
Former DG (ISI)
Dear Sir,  
Your video message has won the heart of public at large. No doubt your message is heart consoling and has infused a spirit among the citizen to make Pakistan prosperous, wealthy and poverty free. In this connection the Sheikhupura Chamber of Commerce & Industry under the instructions of the Executive Committee conducted a brief survey how to eliminate the crime and corruption form the society. In response we have received different opinions from our members. The crux of their opinion is given below to make the society corruption and crime free by acting upon under mentioned points. It is therefore requested to consider these points for the larger interest of the nation to make the society crime and corruption free; 
• Under the current political scenario of the Pakistan, punitive action against anyone irrespective of rank or status is the dire need of the time. Those who are or had been involved in corruption or other unlawful activities or found guilty of supporting corruption and terrorism in political parties, bureaucracy, judiciary, businessmen, social workers, ex-army personals and journalists. 
• The institutional character of different Government departments in the country become weaker with the passage of time and reached at the brink of total disaster. Most of the important institutions in the country have been flooded with dishonest, corrupt, inefficient and coward officials, causing irreparable loss to the national exchequer since decades.
• Political parties always gave attractive slogans/manifesto to public to win the Federal and Provincial elections. On the bases of such slogans/manifesto many not all people got maximum votes and reach in the respective National and Provincial Assemblies. They started making money by hook or crook being representative of general public. Most of them thought they are safe for next five years before the next general elections. It is therefore necessary to avoid such situation under the constitutional cover and Government should established “Independent Commission” to audit the working of ruling political parties either the party have performed according to their program or otherwise. The popularity graph of ruling party must be judge either its popularity have gone up or down. The Commission should publish an impartial Audit Report of the ruling parties of different provinces for the awareness of public at the end of every year to determine the opinion of citizens about the ruling parties for the next early elections if their popularity is gone down.
• It is pertinent to note that people of the modern era have got complete awareness about the ruling parties. Political Parties are also well aware about the attitude of the citizens, keeping in view their past performance in the Governments. Parties will give better manifesto after doing complete homework to win the next general elections, otherwise they will totally fail in their mission to win the election. 
• Govt. should take transparent indiscriminate action from top to bottom to clear all kind of corruption from Govt. Departments especially from Police, Custom, FBR, Inland Revenue, WAPDA, LESCO, SNGPL, OGRA, NEPRA, PEMRA and initiate transparent accountability measures against the corrupt officers across the board.
• Concerned MNAs, MPAs, Senators and Pressure Groups should also be made accountable to law for their misdeeds during their working in concerned Govt. Departments and Ministries. It has been observed that MNAs, MPAs, Senators and Pressure Groups use their influence to pressurize the Govt. Officers to come up with their demands to perform illegal jobs under the discretionary power available to Govt. Officers, which is against the spirit of justice.
• No doubt sometime few Govt. Officers come under the pressure of MNAs, MPAs, Senators and Pressure Groups to obey the instructions of elected representatives just to save themselves from coercive measures of powerful public representatives.
• MNAs, MPAs, Senators and Pressure Groups should be directed to perform their onerous responsibilities in legislation rather to waste their time in different tiny matters to help the citizens in police stations, patwar khanas, DCO offices and other Govt. Departments. These tasks should be left on the elected local body representatives. 
• Govt. should ensure to spend substantial amount of fund and taxes in the area where it was collected to control force migration from less developed area to developed areas of the country. Otherwise powerful mafia will capture the property and land of weaker segment of the society in the same area. 
• A level playing ground should be provided to the citizen irrespective of their status. For instance houses can be large and small but the facilities should be provided equally for capacity building.   
• Discretionary powers of officers in different Govt. departments should be curtail to control the corruption and injustice in the society for the betterment of country and Nation. Every officer should be made answerable to public.
• Government has introduced E stamp paper to control the fraud in land and property but all old judicial stamp papers have not yet been withdrawn. Similarly writing on stamp paper must be registered with courts or SECP or as Government deem fit. 
• Chambers of Commerce must be given representation in concerned Board of Director and Board of Management in the different Government Departments and Institution on equality basis.  
• FBR should introduced business friendly, simple and easy taxation system so that maximum citizen could registered themselves with the Inland Revenue Department without fear and hesitation.  
• It is how pity that hundreds of citizens has lost their lives in Karachi due to load shedding and scorching sun. It is the dire need of the time to build Kala Bagh Dam on priority basis because it is most economical and viable project for generation of hydle electricity. 
Assuring you of our best services,
Best Regards,
Manzoor ul Haq Malik
Chairman, Standing Committee for Coordination & Liaison
Former President- The Sheikhupura CCI
1. Honorable Mamnoon Hussain, President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
2. Honorable Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
3. Honorable Chairman Senate, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad 
4. Honorable Speakers National and Provincial Assemblies
5. The Registrar, Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts,  
6. Mian Muhammad Adrees, President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Federation House, Main Clifton, Karachi 
7. The Presidents, All Chambers of Commerce in Pakistan
8. The Chairmen, All Trade Associations in Pakistan
9. All Media and Civil Society Representatives 
10. In Service and Retired Government, Non-Government Officials
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